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Have Fun With These Halloween Games & Activities For Children

The majority of kids love all things Halloween. As adults, we assume it's because Halloween means candy and kids generally love candy. But many kids … [Read more...]

Assist Your Son Or Daughter Kick The Thumb Sucking Habit: Essential Parenting Advice

Thumb sucking is a concern lots of parents have. Toddlers suck their thumbs because it's calming and comforting. It's very likely something they did … [Read more...]

Taming Twin Preschoolers

I often hear from parents of twins between the ages of 2 through 4 who are frustrated by their children’s misbehavior. Preschoolers love to test their … [Read more...]

Method Of Teaching Child Sign Language

There are many reasons that sign languages have been introduced into a child's life. Most of the time we as parents don't think about sign language or … [Read more...]

Doing A Game Or Jigsaw Puzzle Together Builds Family Relationships

photo credit: healthserviceglasses Having a weekly games night is a great way to build family communication and relationships. Life's busy routines … [Read more...]

How They Check Criminal Records

Americans have become increasingly security conscious since 9/11. It is now common for someone who is seeking a job to find that a company checks … [Read more...]

Dreams In My Dreambook

As a mother of two boys ages 4 and 6, when I come across a book that I know my boys will enjoy I'm quick to grab it. I recently had the pleasure to … [Read more...]

Keep Your Sanity: Set up a Schedule

Could you imagine taking a long road trip without a road map? What would you do if you took a wrong turn, how would you get back on track? How would … [Read more...]

A Romantic Picnic Just for the Two of You

All too often we fail to spend alone time with our spouse. We tend to think if parent mode at all times and think that all our activities must … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Free Annual Credit Report

photo credit: romulusnr By Kristine McKinley Unfortunately the holiday season usually brings an increase in credit card fraud and identity theft, so … [Read more...]