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Mom Jeans: The Jeans That Have Everyone Talking About Mom

Mom Jeans. This is a hot topic lately. Mom jeans are the jeans that we wore way back in the 80s that everyone loved. Now they are a cause for disgrace … [Read more...]

H1N1: What You Need To Know

The H1N1 virus, also known as the swine flu, is a relatively new virus first seen in April of 2009. This contagious flu is spread in the same manner … [Read more...]

Praying Together: You and Your Mate

Do you pray with your mate? If you do not, you should. Praying together with your mate strengthens your bond immensely. The coming together … [Read more...]

Treehouse Cottages in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

We all wanted a treehouse when we were younger. Some of us would even like one now that we are older! A treehouse is your own private, little … [Read more...]