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Three Keys to Selling with Confidence

Sales is a field with many ups and downs. Some days may feel overwhelming and unproductive. Other days may feel like you’re the best sales person on … [Read more...]

Are ADHD Medications Really the Solution for My Kid?

The decision to medicate can be a difficult one.  Here is a quick guide to help you decide whether ADHD medications are the right solution for your … [Read more...]

Introducing Mediterranean Diet to the Dining Table

Guest post by Alex. Alex writes about weight loss and healthy living. Her latest articles are about the merits of Mediterranean diet for a good … [Read more...]

Childhood Obesity Myths and Facts

Childhood obesity is a common problem. In fact according to the CDC, Center for Disease Control, childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past … [Read more...]

Healthy Organic Cooking for Nutrition and Fitness

The progress in modern food production has undeniably been positive overall, but there is a bad factor to consider. We’ve substituted convenience for … [Read more...]

Going Out on a Date? How to Get Big Hair in Easy Steps

There are a couple of ways you can get big hair. Some of the basic items you’ll need to create the big hair look you want include a de-frizzing … [Read more...]

“Grampa, why do you like old, dead people?”

Just last week, my 5 year old granddaughter asked me “why I like old, dead people?” I explained that knowing who you are through the study of … [Read more...]

Entertain Your Kids in the Car With These Fun Games

We love our children, but they're not so sweet when they're bored. And long road trips bring out the worst in them. Most children think a long car … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Couponing

We’re all looking to save money in the current economic climate. Sure, you could go get a side job or try and make money with online marketing … [Read more...]

Cheap Family Activities for Spring Break

Spring break is a great time to enjoy extra time with your kids. The cost of these special activities during this week can be expensive, but a little … [Read more...]