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Starting a household recycling program

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, less than half of the household waste eligible for recycling actually makes it into recycling bins … [Read more...]

How to be a nurse and a mom

Being a nurse is a full time job and so is being a mom, so actually finding time to live your life can be incredibly difficult. When it comes to … [Read more...]

Gift wrapping tips and techniques for kids

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Back pain in children: 5 potential causes

As an adult, you've probably discovered that back pain is not necessarily a cause for concern. Modern man is nothing if not abusive to the body. Many … [Read more...]

5 advantages of a private school education

There used to be a time when people thought of private school education as simply something that wealthy parents aspired for their children to have, … [Read more...]

5 hassle-free hair tips for moms

As a mother, you are constantly on the go. Between shuffling your kids from soccer practice, to art class, and finally to sleepovers, you likely don't … [Read more...]

Pros and cons of being a single-member LLC

Single member limited liability companies are LLCs owned by one person. The IRS actually disregards them, as the taxes reported will be filed using a … [Read more...]

5 ugly christmas sweater party tips

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From Wax to LED: An illuminating history of christmas lights

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