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Healthy food choices for family

There's a pretty good chance that if you asked your kids what they'd like for dinner tonight, things like burger and fries or pizza (or perhaps even … [Read more...]

Helping kids adjust to new school

They say that change is good and in many ways, "they" would be right. The thing is, when it comes to making certain kinds of life transitions, … [Read more...]

Nursery ideas for your new baby’s room

If you are setting up your nursery for the first time or even for the second or third and just want something different, try Little Giraffe blankets … [Read more...]

How to choose a new school when you move

Relocating can be tough, especially if you have kids. However, in these trying financial times you need to go where the work takes you. You can't let … [Read more...]

Prom checklist for girl and guys

It’s time to start counting down to the most dazzling night of high school: Prom Night! Nothing is more glitzy and glittery than a high school prom. … [Read more...]

5 benefits of music education for kids

The results are in - musical education can benefit kids in innumerable ways. Musical education can have a "Mozart Effect" of sorts and can result in … [Read more...]

Should your child take advanced placement classes

Although high school should be a time for your children to make some lasting memories thanks to things like sports, prom and class trips, there's no … [Read more...]

5 family fun activities for summer

Any mom can tell you about the stress of trying to assuage their children's discomfort during an extreme summer heat wave. You could sit inside all … [Read more...]

How to apply for child adoption

Adoption is a wonderful gift for any family. As every child deserves the opportunity to blossom in a well-provided, happy, safe environment, every … [Read more...]

5 relaxation tips for moms

Motherhood is an incredible experience, and if you ask most new moms they wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. But it's also a stressful, … [Read more...]