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Keeping pests out of your home

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Garden party ideas for kids

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5 Activities that spark creativity in your kids

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Get rid of moles and gophers

Everything in nature has its purpose, and that includes moles and gophers. Moles and gophers are helpful creatures when it comes to soil aeration and … [Read more...]

Free activities for school holiday

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Hard water or soft water: which is better?

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5 stress reduction activities for moms

Being a Mom is a full time job. Between chauffeuring kids around, cleaning up messes, cooking dinner and juggling a career, you are left feeling … [Read more...]

Flight clothing brands: Keepsake Clothing and Soia & Kyo

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A landscape pond for beauty, enjoyment and value

The landscape is a critical part of our home environment, and we're always looking for new things to add. Even without a struggle to keep up with the … [Read more...]