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Tips for happy pets and a clean home

No one wants a dirty house, but keeping your home clean when you have a pet can be a challenge. Animals and cleanliness often don't mix well together, … [Read more...]

What Is the best way to make bread?

The introduction of modern, electrical bread makers into the kitchen has resulted in an incredible amount of people starting to make their own loaves … [Read more...]

Top maintenance tips for vacuum cleaner

Don’t view your vacuum cleaner as a disposable item. With the correct care and maintenance, you can easily prolong the life of this indispensable … [Read more...]

Back to school on a budget

With the summer holidays now in full swing, the new school term is probably the last thing on your mind. However, on your return, it will be time to … [Read more...]

Wine accessories: A buyer’s guide

If you only enjoy an occasional class of wine, you probably don’t need much more than a corkscrew and a few glasses. However, if you’re a serious wine … [Read more...]

Gift ideas for husbands and fathers

Buying gifts should always be a pleasure, no matter who they are for. But in almost every family, there is at least one person others consider a … [Read more...]

No Catch 22 when you choose repellex

Want to keep protect your family and environment but still keep away those pesky pests and rodents? Repellex has many natural animal repellents. The … [Read more...]

5 ways to improve kids reading skills

Some kids immerse themselves in reading as soon as they learn their ABCs and discover how to identify the symbols that represent these sounds. Others … [Read more...]

5 playground safety tips for kids

Seriously, what's better than a playground? If you have kids, the playground is the one place they are guaranteed to want to go regardless of their … [Read more...]

Protect your expensive electronics

You just bought a $300 phone or tablet what is the last thing that you want happening to it? You don’t want your new item broken in weeks. If you item … [Read more...]