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4 Tips For Mom’s Planning Birthday Parties

4 Tips For Mom's Planning Birthday Parties by Meryl Rose Many moms believe that hosting a birthday party is filled with more energy, creativity … [Read more...]

Kid Crafts on Earth Day

Did you do any special Earth Day crafts today? I worked on some unfinished projects I have (didn't finish just yet) and had a good day hanging out … [Read more...]

Create a Scrapbook

Everyday we have so much to be thankful for. our family, our health, our home, our loved ones. Creating a scrapbook is one way in which we can … [Read more...]

Horizon Organic Now has coupons on their website

I did a review of Horizon Organic products not too long ago and now. While yes, organic foods and healthier food options are expensive they are … [Read more...]

Spring Flower Magnet Photo Frame

This will make a lovely gift for anyone special to you. I know as a mom, I'd love to have one or two of these for my fridge. I love Spring and … [Read more...]

Ladybug Rocks

Here's a fun little project that will brighten anyone's day. They can be used as decorations within a potted plant or placed on a desk as a … [Read more...]

Create a Simple Bead Earring Set

Girls of all ages seem to have an affinity for pretty things. They want their clothes just right and their makeup perfect. They like to create … [Read more...]

Super Creamy Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

No, that's not a typo. Who doesn't like cupcakes? Cupcakes are great and this recipe - Yummy. Cupcakes are always a hit with kids. Try out this … [Read more...]

Princess Mommy

This is one of those mommy moments that just melt my heart. Lately everyday my daughter wants to dress up in her princess outfits, wears her crown, … [Read more...]

Ebates or BigCrumbs?

Ok Moms. I'd like some input from you. I'm always looking to save money as I'm sure you are too. There are lots of programs like Upromise, Ebates, … [Read more...]