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Organtic MultiVitamin

It seems like as a mom I am always reading a label. Always wondering if this is safe for my children. Well vitamins are no different. I even read … [Read more...]

A Home Business with the Benefits of a Paycheck

I’m often asked what a mom can do from home if she wants a business, but wants to have the benefit of a paycheck. My answer to that is get into a … [Read more...]

Pettiskirt Craze

These aren't your old fashion petticoats! Kaiya Eve has given the petticoat a makeover and now pettiskirts are a must have fashion item for little … [Read more...]

Removal of a two year old autistic child from airplane

My friend shared this article with me this morning: Autistic Toddler and His Mother Removed From Plane For "Uncontrollable Behavior" I was just … [Read more...]

Chicken Soup for the Soul Needs Stories About Twins and Multiples

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Twins and More Whether you are a twin, the parent of twins, related to twins, acquainted with twins or just simply … [Read more...]

A Guide to Combination Skin

photo credit: Bombone Combination skin is an entire, separate skin type all in its own. Combination skin is neither completely normal, dry, or oily, … [Read more...]

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

photo credit: bruce_bruce948 When we were young little girls, we had to ask advice/permission from our parents for every little decision in our … [Read more...]

Getting a Great Guy to Ask You Out

photo credit: krossbow If you think it’s tough sitting on the sidelines with your girlfriends waiting for a guy to talk to you, then you aren’t … [Read more...]

Virtual Assistants: 4 Ways to Get More Clients Today!

If you're a Virtual Assistant, you know that the one thing that is your lifeblood, the one thing that keeps your income steady, is a finding clients. … [Read more...]

What Is Hypermiling?

photo credit: edkohler Wayne Gerdes is credited with creating the term "hypermiling" as a conscious way to squeeze the most miles per gallon in fuel … [Read more...]