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Making Crafts with Your Family

photo credit: Simply LA It seems we never have enough hours in a day. And then trying to get the whole family together is next to impossible. And … [Read more...]

How Do I Get My Doggie A Massage?

photo credit: therapycatguardian Dog Massage - Indulge Your Dog By Giving Him A Pet Massage (Part 1) Besides giving your dog love and attention, … [Read more...]

Consider This Before Buying A Digital Picture Frame

Digital picutre frames are indeed all the rage right now and they do make wonderful gifts but which one is right for your recipient?  There are some … [Read more...]

Coffee Gifts For The Holidays For Myself And My Wife

photo credit: visualpanic I was out raking leaves today, enjoying the crisp fall air, and I couldn't help but start to think about the upcoming … [Read more...]

Homemade SnowGlobes

There was a time when you would go to a tourist attraction, shop or museum and you'd see these great little snow globes you could buy.  In fact, it … [Read more...]

Five Ways To Create Joy During The Holidays

photo credit: laurenatclemson The holidays are a special time to be together with our family and friends. They can also be a time of … [Read more...]

What They Don’t Tell You About The Top Christmas Toys

Have you started shopping for your kids' hot Christmas toys yet? It’s best to get the gifts that will keep a smile on children’s faces after … [Read more...]

Babies Love Boxes, Build on It!

If you are a veteran parent shall we say, you learned this early on I'm sure, but if you are a new parent and shopping for your baby's first Christmas … [Read more...]

Teaching Kids to Help Out Around the House

Lately my kids have been wanting more and more items it seems.  So, I figured it was about time they started working for the items they want.  I'm … [Read more...]

The Effects of Stress on Your Health

Yes, it’s true everyone has stress in their life whether it be financial, physical ailments, family stress, work stress, time constraints we all have … [Read more...]