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Football jerseys have become social and fashion statements

DESCRIPTION: Pro and college team jerseys today are popular pieces of leisure apparel.  With a huge selection of simulated and actual jerseys … [Read more...]

The pros and cons of DIY auto repair in Miami

DESCRIPTION: Should you repair your car yourself?  It’s easy to find the right auto part in Miami, but it’s not necessarily smart to attempt to … [Read more...]

How to shop for a Fiat 500 in Florida

Summary: A Fiat 500 in Florida is the same as a Fiat 500 anywhere.  When you’re shopping for one, you should make sure the dealer is reputable and … [Read more...]

Why errors and omissions insurance is cost-effective for home inspectors

Summary: Purchasing errors and omissions insurance is a cost-effective move for professional home inspectors.  It can save those thousands of dollars … [Read more...]

8 Things that women hate about men

There is no perfect man, at least according to a recent study conducted on two thousand women. Most women are high-maintenance if we were to judge … [Read more...]

Helly Hansen perfect products for all

Weather determines which clothes are the best. Poorly designed and manufactured clothing will not last for long during harsh weather. Rain, snow, … [Read more...]

After CPAP therapy, what else can help?

SUMMARY: For those suffering from sleep apnea, CPAP therapy usually ensures proper rest resulting in a healthier life. However even with one of these … [Read more...]

Travel tip: cheap bus lines from Philly to NYC!

GUEST BLOG POST SUMMARY: Philly natives know NYC is where it’s at when the weekend comes, with plenty to do in the city. That’s why it’s important … [Read more...]

Use social media site Pinterest for your book promotion

SUMMARY: Before the advent of self-publishing, authors wrote to a list of literary agents and publishers with the hope that the covering letter and … [Read more...]

Ways to tell your customers, “Shop Green, Shop with Small Business”

  Whether you are the little guy behind the counter or the little guy in front of a keyboard, if you own a small business, it’s time to send your … [Read more...]