Archives for May 2008

Five Great Sewing Machines and Where to Buy

When it comes to purchasing a sewing machine, how do you decide what to buy?  There are many options today and then there is the option to buy online … [Read more...]

Coupon Codes for Candy You Ate As A Kid

Just got a quick discount code, well actually two since here are still a couple of days left to May.  Here's the 5% discount code for Old Time Candy … [Read more...]

Every Mom Should Read This

I was sitting holding my 6 year old in my arms rocking him slowing the other day and a book that I have came to mind. I haven't pulled it off my … [Read more...]

Do you like to get samples in the mail?

I do. I'm a sample junkie. I don't get samples I can't use or know I won't but I do love to get shampoos, lotions and other items I can put to good … [Read more...]

Snugglies as a Business

I'm sure you have seen these adorable soft snugglies. They take no sewing at all. Learn how to make them and you can turn it into a business venture. … [Read more...]

25% off Lifetime or Gift Subscription Code

Here is the special 25% off Lifetime or Gift-Subscriptions for either a 3, 6, 12 or lifetime subscription: Code: A54D Can not be used with other … [Read more...]

Free Online Business Training

Hey, I just found out about this new website where you can get free online business training. Too many of us get excited build a website and then … [Read more...]

Continue Your WAH Job Search

Sometimes it's really hard to figure out what the best option is for you. It takes research, some soul searching and finally a desire to really work … [Read more...]

VTech Love it/Hate it

Ok, I bought the VTech Learning System for my kids when it first came out and well needless to say it died. The power just stopped working. We bought … [Read more...]

The Cheerful Giver

It was another typical Sunday morning for Miss Debbie as she came to teach her toddler class at church. She had an established routine, and the … [Read more...]