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How To Buy Gifts That Loved Ones Want

How much time do you dedicate to buying gifts for the special people in your life? Do you spend hours poring over the internet in order to find the … [Read more...]

Costume Craze – 25-90% OFF

If you're in need of a costume this Halloween, then now's the time to take advantage of this huge sale that Costume Craze has going on right now. ALL … [Read more...]

Group Craft Projects

When you plan a craft for a group of people, you have to think about crafts that are easy for all ages attending to do, but they still need to be … [Read more...]

Kid Educational Craft Ideas

Crafts can be a great way to help kids learn because they are hands-on activities, which have been proven to help kids retain information. Below are … [Read more...]

3 Tips on How to Reduce Belly Fat After C-Section

Losing belly fat after pregnancy can be a real challenge for most mothers. This is especially true if you have had a c-section delivery since it takes … [Read more...]

“Green” Plant Crafts

If you enjoy promoting “green” activities, or those that are environmentally friendly, you’ll enjoy doing the following green plant crafts with your … [Read more...]

Crafts You Can Wear

This article contains a few fun craft ideas that are able to be worn once you have finished with them. Little Girls’ Tutus Items … [Read more...]

8 Safety Tips You Should Teach Your Children

There are a few safety tips that you should teach your children.  Being aware of strangers danger, knowing how to act around water and watching out … [Read more...]

Crafts By Season

Winter Snowy Necklace Materials Needed: Needle Nose Pliers Necklace Wire Bead (White, Blue and Clear) The first step is to make a … [Read more...]

Food is Not a Four-Letter Word

If you’re a parent, you worry. So has every other parent in history, back to the days when little Og went out on his first mammoth hunt and his folks … [Read more...]