Archives for August 2007

Keeping First Things First

I set the alarm clock for 5:30 am. It rings, but I’m usually so tired I turn it off without realizing it. I wake up about an hour later, already late … [Read more...]

Baby Shower at 20 Weeks Pregnant?

I received an invitation to a baby shower this week. The baby is not due until Mid January. The baby shower is September 8th. I find this odd but … [Read more...]

Meal Planning Made Easy for This Foodie

I had the pleasure of joining up with a great Meal Planning service created just for busy moms.  The sign up process was easy and I had no troubles … [Read more...]

Using Your Own Embroidery Design

Anyone that loves to embroider will be wanting to use their own embroidery design. You will find that using your own design is not that hard to do, … [Read more...]

Twins in Kindergarten, Same or Different Classrooms?

In 2 weeks my twin boys will be starting Kindergarten. My boys are Fraternal Twins and most people don't even know they are twins when they first see … [Read more...]

Rare Identical Quadruplets Are Born

Canadian parents won the lottery this week. According to the Associated Press, a woman has a 1 in 13 million chance of conceiving identical … [Read more...]

Chunky Chicken Salad

This a great item for a picnic, to take to a neighborhood party or even for a baby or bridal shower. Chunky Chicken Salad 2 boneless/skinless … [Read more...]

Shopping for a Computerized Sewing Machine

When you are shopping for a computerized sewing machine, you will see that you have many to choose from. The brands that carry this type of machine … [Read more...]

Toy Troubles

No doubt you've seen and heard about all the toy recalls lately. There just seems to be a rash of them lately or maybe I just never noticed till I … [Read more...]

Crochet Home Business

Use your talent to start your own crochet business. Here are some tips to get your crochet business started. Crocheted Heirloom Names For Cash - … [Read more...]